Wednesday, March 29th 2017

Which is Right for You?
  • Our technology eliminates the expense of rekeying or changing locks when an employee leaves.
  • Users/employees are less likely to set off false alarms.
  • Automatically regulating access reduces the need for onsite security personnel.
  • System allows for temporary access by visitors and vendors.
  • Access control decreases your liability and risk.

Security Access Control System

Sontril Access Control

» Access control systems limit your exposure

While most companies are prepared to handle security problems that involve external threats like breaking and entering, far too often do business owners overlook the need for internal security as well. The average business owner would be shocked if they were to find out how often companies are victims of internal theft.

In order to avoid in-house threats, Sonitrol Security offers security access control systems that allow owners to track and limit entry to areas or resources. Through the use of our security cards, each individual employee is designated access only to areas they are authorized and actually have reason to enter -- and nowhere else.

Most organizations have some existing security system, such as a team of guards or video surveillance. Unfortunately, the weakest link of any such security is the human factor. With our automated computer system, there is no risk of unauthorized access by any person.

Security vulnerabilities due to human error can span from simple mistakes all the way up to collusion. It is natural for people to make mistakes. Our security system, on the other hand, prevents any cases of accidental access due to carelessness or of coordinated plans to overcome unauthorized entry.

One of the other large perks offered by our system, besides restricting access, is the ability to track the use of key cards. If you find discrepancies in employee entry or an unusual amount of attempts to access an area by unauthorized users, company owners can follow workers they believe may have harmful intentions. From there, any action taken is up to the discretion of management.

To ensure that all of your sensitive information and data is safe from both external and internal threats, our security access control systems can offer you the ability to automate authorized access. Let our system do the work for you, so you can focus on other business operations. Contact Sonitrol Security today for all of your company's security needs and questions.

The Sonitrol Managed Security Access Control system allows you to track and limit entry to buildings and sensitive areas of your business, providing protection for valuable information and data, and a safer work environment for employees. No more lost keys. No more expense of installing new locks or re-keying. When an employee leaves, or is reassigned, the card is easily deactivated. If needed, a new, updated card can be issued.

Business are vulnerable to internal, as well as external threats. Sonitrol's access control systems and solutions can track and restrict who goes where and when. Only authorized users can enter your facility, or designated areas within your facility - reducing the possibility of internal theft and external threats, protecting your physical and intellectual property, and limiting potential workplace violence.