Wednesday, March 29th 2017

Interesting Facts
  • 1 out of every 7 businesses has an alarm system*
  • 10 - 25% of all calls for police are alarm calls*
  • Police respond to 38 million alarm activations per year*
  • 94 - 98% of alarm activations are false*
  • A false alarm requires 20 minutes and 2 officers to investigate*
  • The average police response time is 85% faster when responding to Sonitrol's verified security alarms
  • Sonitrol has assisted law enforcement in apprehending 155,000 criminals since 1977

* US Dept. of Justice Police Department

Verified Security

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Solutions for Access Systems, Surveillance Video and Fire Protection Systems

Most companies may have some version of a security system installed in their infrastructure, but many are unaware of how it operates or even how reliable it is. There are so many possible threats to security that companies can face, but the vast majority of systems only focus on certain vulnerabilities.

Our commercial security systems at Sonitrol Security encompass all facets that could threaten a company's sensitive information, data, products, or even employees. Our combination of automated integration of the latest and most reliable technology with the assistance of our trained and experienced professionals will have you covered on all sides.

In order to protect your business from internal threats, we can implement our impact-activated, audio-based intrusion detection system. Most security systems only utilize alarms that might be triggered by actions like opening doors, eventually contacting law enforcement after a set amount of time. Unfortunately, this gives the culprits plenty of time to escape or even get away with stolen property.

Our systems are linked directly to our Security Monitoring Center where our trained staff can hear and see exactly what is occurring at the site of the intrusion. If they verify there is a real threat, they can then contact the police immediately with detailed information to expedite the process.

The vast majority of cases that involve police inspecting an alarm activation prove to be false. Because of this, many enforcement agencies do not put much stock in these situations and do not put forth their full effort. The reliability of our systems is great incentive for the authorities to arrive on the scene promptly and work to catch the culprits.

If internal threats are more of a worry to you, consider our extension of security access control systems. Our technology allows business owners to track and limit different employees' access to designated areas. This provides for much more reliable protection for sensitive information and data.

If you want the comfort of knowing that your company and your employees are secure, our commercial security systems ensure safety both externally and internally. Check out our site or contact us for all of the information you need.

Sonitrol offers a full line of commercial security systems and products, which include alarm and card access systems, surveillance video and fire protection systems. All are backed by our unique audio/video verification technology. Our ability to hear and see what is actually happening at your site in real time enables us to verify the alarm before we call police.

Police response time is faster for Sonitrol than for a conventional security system alarm. Our intelligent technology leads to a high rate of apprehensions, which gives us exceptional credibility with law enforcement. And our ability to verify an alarm event is critical for prompt dispatch in the growing number of Verified Response communities, where law enforcement won't respond to an alarm until they have verification that an event is actually occurring.

Commercial Security Services

The Bottom Line? Our Commercial Security Services Prevent Loss Time After Time

Alarm, card access, surveillance video and fire protection products can be integrated into a single, easy-to-use system that is monitored by highly trained professionals at our Sonitrol Monitoring Center. Our modular approach to system design gives you everything you need now and allows for easy expansion in the future.

What's more, Sonitrol offers the best performance, satisfaction, service and false-alarm guarantees for commercial security services and products in the industry.