Making the Case for Video Surveillance Cameras in Schools

video surveillance camerasWhy install security cameras in schools? Some people say that the use of video surveillance cameras in educational settings is disruptive, invasive, or just plain unnecessary. But the better question to ask might be: Why not video cameras?

When it comes to our children, nothing is more important than their safety. If you’re still on the fence about choosing a security system or how surveillance video can help our schools, consider these benefits:

  • Affordability. Security camera solutions are one of the most affordable ways for schools to drastically increase their safety measures. It’s said that for businesses and residences, the use of video surveillance cameras can prevent up to 67% of burglaries. People think twice about their actions if they know they’re being watched or filmed. Cameras might help cut down on bullying or truancy, not to mention the all-too-common dangers of weapons in school buildings.
  • Peace of Mind. It’s not just the kid-on-kid crime we should be worried about. Schools receive visitors all the time, and we can never be too careful about monitoring suspicious activity when it comes to strangers. Additionally, cameras will help protect teachers and school staff, as well as all of a school’s valuable belongings, like computer equipment. Video makes a safer work environment for employees, too.
  • Accountability. Video surveillance systems are like a modern, technological version of the old-school hall monitor, but without the dorky outfit. They can make sure that kids aren’t cutting class, vandalizing property, or leaving campus during school time. They might also be used to evaluate teacher performance in the classroom or the comings and goings of parking lot activities.
  • Reliability. Most schools already have some kind of alarm system in place, but they’re not always the most accurate pieces of equipment. Anywhere from 94 to 98% of security system activations are literally “false alarms.” These take up time and resources, often requiring two police officers and 20 minutes to investigate for safety. That’s time that could be better spent in class!

With the many ways that schools and educational facilities could benefit from the installation of video surveillance cameras, it’s hard to see any downsides. The more we can do to protect our children, the better.