Track and Restrict Threats With Security Access Control Systems

security access controlThe fear of theft is one that plagues business owners across any industry. While the most prevalent threat comes from burglars who would attempt to break into a building, one of the less obvious dangers can come from within the company as well. If a business is not prepared to combat these issues, they could end up looking at serious losses over time.

The National Retail Security Survey reported that retailers in the United States suffered $44 million in inventory shrinkage in just one year. This statistic is a result of a number of different risks that plague businesses. About 38% of all of this inventory shrink can be attested to shoplifting, while a comparable estimated 34.5% is from employee theft.

There are multiple versions of business security systems that offer different services, each with their own advantages. While systems that use surveillance video can reduce burglaries by approximately 67%, there are extra measures that can be taken to further reduce the chances of theft.

Security access control systems are computerized networks that regulate the restriction of entry to employees and other parties to designated areas and resources. By using tools such as card access terminals, you can track and limit entry to buildings and rooms that may hold sensitive information. Those without authorization will have no way to enter these locations.

If you find that your security access control system is detecting multiple attempts at unauthorized entry, you can not only find out what rooms were affected, but also which employee was attempting to get in. These instances may be good indicators of untrustworthy employees.

Keeping a business completely safe is an extensive process that can cover a multitude of risks. But to secure and keep track of in-business threats, a security access control system can provide automated protection of valuable information and data like no other.